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Hey there guys,

I have gotten cold sores before, so I have either HSV1 or 2, I dunno which. I got that familiar tingling near the corner of my lips about 5 days ago, and started applying an iodine-based cream. The next day, it had come to a white bubble-like head that was very sensitive to the touch, like a small boil. After I had accidentally scraped the head off, I decided (fairly stupidly) I might as well squeeze it. When I did, about 2 millimitres of fairly solid pale yellow stuff came out. The sensitivity went, and it crusted over and has now almost faded.

My question is, was it a cold sore? I’ve read that the white head and pale stuff pretty both eliminate it from being elevated to cold sore status, but that tingling felt so familiar!

Also, if it WAS a cold sore, how likely am I to have infected my girlfriend, who I kissed about 3 days into the whole thing given I had been coating it with an antiviral (iodine) for the last 3 days and the crust was fading?

Thanks in advance for the help folks!


Same thing happen to me! i didn't get any tingling feeling but i woke up and there was a white bump on my upper top lip. i touched it and it was very sensitive then as i kept on touching it to pop it cause it looked like a white pimple, it just got bigger. it finally pus so i drained it and it looks like an open wound. a scab would form but every time i'll shower or wash my face in warm water the scab peels off and the wound is open again. stupidly i put some liquid septic on it and it dried up the scab but bruised my lip and now it looks like a cold sore thats has a white scab in the middle and red around it. i don't know if i should treat it as a boil or as a cold sore now. it has been about a week in a half and it still there i tried everything!!! help!!