Started having this itchy skin spot all over my body, legs, thigh, back and buttocks. I noticed in back in june when i had these line on both of my arm, it was like an outline of a circle, skin rairsed and itchy. Thought it was ring worm went to the doc and she presicribe me some ringworm cream that made it turn full circluar, oozy, nasty and scabby. I was confused, went back and she prescribed me some steroid cream that did wonders and it went away. Now i have two big cirular, dark skin spot on both of my arm. It went away for a week or two then suddenly i noticed my legs started itching. I discovery spots like i mention above that would ooze, scab and itches like crazy. I couldnt keep it under control with the cream, it spread all over my body now and it seems like the cream wont even work on the spots anymore. I went to the dermatologist and he said it was dermatitis... But what kind of dermatitis is this because i searched up what it is and it means "skin problem"...? He didnt even take sample of my skin or nothing just a quick look and few questions. Anyways let me talk more about these spots so you guys can be more clarify and hopefully help me out. It starts out like a tiny white head pimple that itches, and if i acidentally scratch or pop it it when scab over and turn into a circle half the size of a penny. Itches like crazy and raised. Nothing seems to help and its spreading slowly, i look like i have a bad disease and feeling really uncomfortable with myself