We had sex 3 time. All 3 times with protection and all 3 times I didn't cum. The last time we had sex she sucked it trying to make he cum but nothing. After she sucked it she put it in her vagina for like a minute or so. i thought everything was fine but she said her stomach hurt and It looks like she has a stomach. so she took 2 home pregnancy test both negative. But her pain continues, lower stomach under her belly button. So she went to the doctor and they grave her a urine test and it was negative again. But the doctor said to wait intill her next period. To determine whether or not she is really pregnant. But she has signs. She vomited twice(very little), her breast felt weird. She had last period on nov.27. The last time we did it was dec.28 around there. And she has had her period since. It's jan.4. So is she pregnant. And the first time we did it she didn't bleed I don't know if that has something to do with it. So is she pregnant. and she eats a lot more then usual and she fells tired. So is she pregnant