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Dear anyone,

Me and my gf were messing around when my penis slipped and it touched the outside of her vagina. We are almost positive that it didn't even go in at all. However, there was a small amount of pre-cum on the tip of my penis. And I know that pre-cum carries sperm, but that it's a lot less likely to get a girl pregnant. I also know that people get pregnant from using the pull-out method. It's just that this didn't even go into her. (And I have heard, in some websites, that urinating after an ejaculation clears out most of the sperm from your penis. And I had urinated at LEAST twice since my last ejaculation.) And immediately after the incident, we ran into the bathroom, and she wiped her vagina off with a cloth. At first I wasn't too worried, becuase the odds seem very small. But now, her period is over a week late and I am very worried. Still, she tends to have very irregular periods. And ever since her last period, she has been under LOTS of stress, and she has been ill once, so that may be the reason of her period being late. I'm not sure what to think. If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thank you

John L.


 all of the stuff u have read on websights are true so if ur gf has had in the past irregular periods its the same this time the thing u have to worrie about is if u filled her up and u had no proctection or the proctection broke!!