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my girlfriend has been on the pill for a couple of months and weve been having sex for about a month now. Most of the time i used a condom but there were a few times we didnt use any protection.

anyway, now shes at the time where she should be on her period. She has stomach cramps, but theres no blood. We're both worried cos as much as both of us want kids, she's 17 and im 18, so we're not ready for this kind of thing yet.

is this a normal side effect of the pill? or could she be pregnant? its been like 3 days now, with cramps but without blood. We're both suitably scared. Does anyone know anything? please help


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If she has been taking her pill proporly an not missed any. Then she probably isnt.
But if you are still worried do a home pregnancy test.
Her worrying a lot can delay her period even more.
Hope this helps