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my girlfriend and I were rubbing on each other unprotected last month around the 15th, I believe. I did not ejaculate but I may have precummed a little bit. we were very scared for a couple days but then she had her period, completely normal. it MIGHT have been a day or two late, we're not sure. anyways, she got it and we were happy but 2-3 weeks later now she's been tired (always was, but I know this is an early symptom), has been going to the bathroom more frequently, and says she feels sorta bloated with a tiny little bump on her lower stomach, just without the actual feeling. we know she wouldn't be showing this early, but we're paranoid and don't know if she's just gaining a little weight or what. we're planning on getting a pregnancy test soon, should I be worried that she is?


Hi Josh,

Sperm would need to get into her vagina for her to get pregnant.  If her period was "normal" (for her that is) then it is very unlikely she is pregnant.

Wait for her next period.  If its late, test.

Her symptoms are not specific to pregnancy.

Good luck, Dan