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I have been having stomach cramps with diarrhea and bloating for awhile now & have IBS, so I was taking my prescribed meds. I started having frequent urination and feeling uncomfortable in the vaginal area with a strong odor. I went to my doctor but she says that my urine is clean, She gave me a antibiotic (Cipro) to take for 3 days for possible bacteria. Does a vaginal infection cause these symptoms. I'm concerned because of the frequent urination. Could it be a bacterial infection?


Hello there

First signs of vaginal infection (otherwise known as vaginitis) are vaginal discharge, itching and burning.

Since you are afraid and you are assuming that you suffer from bacterial vaginosis you should be aware that abnormal vaginal discharge is one of the first symptoms. This discharge usually have very strong odor. The color of the discharge is usually white or gray and sometimes it smells very unpleasant after intercourse.

As well you can experience burning during urination and sometimes even itching around vagina. If you experience all of this than you should consult your gynecologist again. She will make diagnosis and let you know about treatment options. And the sooner you start with treatment the better. Good luck and I hope that everything will turn out just fine.