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I had sex for the first time with my boyfriend, after my 18th birthday. we did both vaginal and anal. about a week later my vagina was swollen and very hard, it hurt when ever i sat down, so i tried to stand for as long as i could. two days after that before i went to bed i decided to put some ice on my vagina, and it started to go down and when i woke up the next day i had a yellowish discharge. i don't know what to do. oh, and we did not use a condom at all.


Did the yellow discharge have any odor? It could be yeast infection because usually yeast infection makes vagina swell and become red and irritated, with accompanying yellow discharge (cheese like) with a very bad smell.

Yeast infection is not considered to be an STD (sexually transmitted disease) but you need to see a gynecologist to rule out an STD and to get a treatment for whatever it turns out to be.

If your boyfriend entered your anus and then went back inside of your vagina without washing his penis, he could have picked up bacteria from the anal area and spread it to your vagina. However, I think you would have different symptoms if that happened and you would probably have symptoms like frequent urination, burning while peeing, pain during intercourse, etc

I would refrain from having further sexual intercourses until check if I were you. You should also refrain from having an intercourse during your treatment and to take the whole treatment and not abrupt it if your symptoms go away. I would also advise your boyfriend to get checked because many STD’s don’t show any symptoms. Good luck!