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Hello, i am 23 yr old male, i've been suffering ing prostatitis, for the past 13 months, i visited different doctors for the past 13 months and took medications in which my urologist prescribed on me. Up to date i still have symptoms, although the symptoms that is so i am taking cranberry suppliment, My question is, is there any alternative way to treat bacterial prostatitis?: plz infom me


A friend of mine has been suffering from bacterial prostatitis as well, but later he has got his diseases cured by a Chinese herbal medicine named diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill. According to him it takes 3 months (ooh, sounds long) for him to let the medicine work out and the other unpleasant thing is about the diet. Anyhow he was quite satisfied with its effect in getting rid of his ailment. You may google it and have a look.