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I first started to feel I might be pregnant 16 weeks ago when I started having morning sickness that resulted in a 10 lb weight loss, sore boobs, as well as other common pregnancy symptoms.  However, after all negative tests (up to 9 wks) and light monthly periods I was confident I wasn't pregnant. Near impossible, right?

Flash forward 16 weeks and I no longer have morning sickness but have headaches, indigestion, and my boobs have grown TWO whole cup sizes (and still growing)! I would have let that one go too except for the fact that I have recently begun to feel flutters below my belly button at night. Initially, I was convinced it had to be gas but it became a lot more frequent this week. This now has me second guessing myself. I am at the point of not knowing what to think anymore. I would get an ultrasound to put my mind at ease but have been told you need a positive test for that. I need help! Thoughts??


im in the same situation kind of id say go to your doctors explain your situation and tell them you would like to take a blood test and see how that comes back. btw you do not need a positive test to do an ultrasound but i would do the blood test wait a week or so if no period request an ultrasound