I've been on birth control pills for 6 full months. I am very consistent about taking it every morning before school around the same time, although on weekends I sometimes take it a little later. I just recently switched to a different birth control pill (Seasonique) after I had completed my last month (and the sugar pills). During those sugar pills, I got my period. The Seasonique information pamphlet said to use a backup method for the first week of the pills. Even though I was previously on birth control, my boyfriend and I decided to use the pull out method for that first week to be safe because I was starting on a slightly different pill.

Maybe I shouldn't be worried because I had my last period, but I just have been feeling like I'm pregnant. I've been moody and bloated and my breasts are tender. It seems likely, I guess, that these may be just effects of the new pills. I just want to be sure that there's nothing to worry about because I'm 15 and I really am not ready to have a baby. And also because I don't know exactly how accurate the pull out method is.

I don't know exactly how to go about taking a pregnancy test because my boyfriend and I have sex very regularly and I have no idea when the baby would have been conceived so I don't know when the test would begin to be accurate (because usually you have to go like 4 weeks or so).

Sorry, I hope this isn't a waste of your time, I'm just kind of concerned.