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I was looking for a doctor who could remove pinquecula and find this page. Thank you everybody who wrote their problems. It was very helpful. I have pinguecula in both of my eyes ever since i was in high school. Last 5 years my eyes get red, dry and so uncomfortable. Lately getting more worse. Waking up during night or in the morning I have to reach for eye drops to help me open my eyes. I have tried all types of eye drops like Systane, clear eyes, fresh eyes, sato clear, bosch, artificial tears, all these works temporarily. Yes, I'm tired of using drops every 10 - 30 min and tired of people who are telling me that I have something in my eyes. I'm tired of having discomfort all day 24/7. I decided remove them. So for Dr. Guliani from Florida sounds best doctor but price is so high ($5000 each) and i'm in CA. Is there anybody had pinquecula removed in CA in different city then Laguna?



Yes in california there is Harvard Eye Institute , they will also be pricey but if you want to have it done properly it's going to be $5000 per eye unforunately.   ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed***

Good luck!