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Hello I am writing this to help others share their experience after having lens replacement surgery. Also to help those that are thinking of having it done, a diary of what I have done and what has happened so far.


I have had both eyes operated on and RLE Mplus multifocal lenses inserted.

1st eye on 31st Oct and 2nd eye on 7 Nov 2012. had eye check on 2nd eye, (I day after op on that eye) yesterday, and was told that I could legally drive, but not doing so at the moment, could drive which I was surprised about as all the letter were so blurry.


You have to wear an eye shield at night for a week or longer if advised to do so.


You are given three lots of eye drops to put in to use for at least two weeks.

Not quite what I expected so far.  I am pleased in the sense that my near vision is very good, but the distance vision is still not what I wanted, still blurry and hoping that it does not stay like this.


Also my eyes seem to get very tired by the end of the day.  Vision in the morning is better and by the evening they are more blurry.


I am a little concerned that this is it, my vision won’t improve any more, but I really wanted if I could to have good all round vision.


What have others found after RLE Mplus lenses?

What vision do you have now?  Do your eyes still get tired?  More blurry by the evening?

Do you suffer dry eyes now?


The other thing is does watching too much TV or computer work affect your eyes after lens implants?  Should one not do this?


Your brain takes time I have been told to adjust to multifocal lenses but don’t know how long? You are meant to use them normally to get your brain used to how to use them, think that what you have to do.

I rested my eyes during the day time, as it does make them feel tired looking at things like the TV, things in the distance as it’s blurry, so am I making my eyes worse by watching a blurry TV etc?

I did have dry eyes before, or tear quality not very good, don’t know which, and now my eyes are so dry on dry eye drops every hour for now.

I can put up with this, just want good vision in the distance too.


I tried to research this before I went ahead. 

In the adverts it says good distance and good near. So do your eyes improve still further? Should I get good clear vision in distance, middle and near vision? I am feeling a bit concerned now.


The company I went with offer aftercare after the 12 months, but I did point out to them that in their literature it says up to 12 months free treatment, they are a big popular company do the RLE Mplus multifocal lens give no problems after 12 months is this why? Do problems occur before this and that is why they give this in their literature? What problems can happen after 12 months that would spoil your lens vision?


I am wondering if this will help anyone please do give feedback or ask any questions you may want to.


Best wishes


Sunshinett  :O


Hi - i'm interested to find out how you're going on since posting this thread.


I too have the EXACT same sypmtoms and questions that you posted. 


I was given temporary glasses (-0.5 lenses) to assist with night vision which did help a little - maybe could have done with -1.0 lenses.


I've also read that some surgeons have prescribed Pilocarpine drops to help with blurred distance vision?

Kind regards




Hello thanks for the reply
well not impressed really
one thing after another
my eyes seem more blurry for some reason at the moment, the whites are always yellow, and my eyes just get so tired
my left eyeball hurts quite a bit too
they put me on antibiotic, oral tablets for a while to hep with eyelid inflamation and maxitrol eye drops again
but stayin clear of glasses if i can
do you eyes get really really tired like you feel you need to have a cat nap every now and then?
not hear of the pilocarpine drops have to google them.
but not impressed really
seem to pick up eye infections easy not too and not had these before
now that we have the RLE lenses in, do you know much about them?
for instance can you lose your near or far vision by staying doing one thing too long, not changing focus
for instance if you read for a long time, or watched tv for along time
or i do like the computer, so if on this too long would you lose near vision and also distance vision would you get less in these fields, do you know how it all works?

with normal natural lenses i now you have to keep changing what you look at to use eye muscles is it?

shall try and email back if you want to



Yes  i feel as if i look at a certain distance for a while it affects other's quite off putting,,

Last weekend i had really achy eyeballs accompanied by a headache (top of head) but that's not the 'norm' and with Anaddin it cleared...

Today i reiterated to Optical Express that my distance vision was suffering but it's not easy getting through to them.... when they do the eye test against their wall chart it's black numbers against a white background which is OK to see but everything else is blurred...i told the chap to do the eye test with the referrence point being the door handle or light switch which was blurred but he wouldn't....amtway... they have  altered my specs prescription for a month then they will refer me to their medical dept with a view to laser tweaking..

I'm not confident that my night vision will improve even if they perform this.... i think i shall ask about having a monofocal lens put in one eye as a better option....

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Thanks Ian



Hello Ian

So your have glasses, but that was not anticipated, as RLE is meant to give you freedom from glasses, is this not what you thought?

have you said this to them?

you say new glasses, have they gone up in strength? or down?

what about eyeball ache now?

lazer but i thought that this was not always good for several reason

1. can make your eyes more dry
2. more senstive
3. and say if you have it to correct distance, then wont you lose some of the reading you have now?
so you lose some of the reading vision?
what did they say about what vision you would have after laser? did you ask about reading and distance after laser?
is it in both eyes the laser?

i am very cautious now, as think, i dont want to make my eyes worse, lose the near vision, just for distance, when i can drive, but its not as clear as i like in the distance, not when i wore distance glasses, and my eyes differ day to day, soem days more blurry and in dim light well things are a lot more blurry, never had this with natural eye lenses, only the artifical ones. do you get worse eyes sight in dim light?

night driving well still have pretty lights, around car lights, white street or rd signs

and even in the day time liek now the tv in front of me is TOSHIBA an dan see a haze around the WHITE toshimba lettering

i am not telling you what to do, but have you asked how your eyes will be after laser? what sight you will get, will you lose near etc?

REPLACING THE LENSES - i idid not think that they liked to do this, once they are in they are in?

otherwise one could say redo my eyes, put in multifocal again, get it right this time?????




Hi Sunshinett,

The eyeball ache went the next day and have no issues since.

I haven't taken delivery of the new glasses yet - they were only 'supposed' to be temporary to assist in low light until my eyes are allegedly fully accustomed to the new lenses.  The prescription had altered in 1 month from (-0.5 -0.5) to (-0.25 -0.50).

My right (dominant) eye is not clear even in daylight - feels like a smudge, and also there's a 'shimmer' type of effect similar to that of having polished glass with wax furniture polish - i told Optical Express about it on Monday but they didn't seem to concerned...  but the Left eye seems very good in daylight conditions at ALL distances...i'm quite pleased with it apart from the night vision aspect.

I've just made another appointment to see OE next Tuesday as i want to discuss having my right (dominant) eye lens removed and replaced with a monofocal one.  I know they don't like doing it but something needs doing.

My logic is that even if they lasered the eyes as they are so that they are perfect during the daytime they would still be as bad in low light - and that's something that i'm not prepared to accept.... walking into the doc's surgery this morning at 8.30am and finding everything blurred has made me more determined to take positive steps.

Many people have a mixture of lenses e.g. One for reading and one for distance and also one multifocal and one monofocal - having a 'distance' monofocal in my dominant eye will hopefully resolve the low light issues and still allow me to read with the multifocal lens.

I'm finding my good and bad days depend on the quality of daylight on that particular day.

Something else to note is that when they test your eyes they only use the standard 'Snellen chart' which is Black letters on a white background - they don't perform contrast tests.   So while you can identify the high contrast letters quite easily everything else is blurred. 


They said i was legally entitled to drive the week after surgery - i'd argue that they are wrong...







Hello Ian

so how long since the eye ops?

which part of the country? what opticians and which hospital?

are you allowed to say this on this site dont know?

the thing is i find that my left eye, well to me seems to get tired as doing more of the work, so i wonder if inserting a distance lens then making say the right eye, would then make the right eye tired doing all the distance work and then the left eye had multifocal. then this left eye would get tired doing all the reading, do you see what i am trying to say?
i do think that my left eye gets more tired

do note what you say re eye tests. maybe they should perform contrast tests, will they do this for you?

my eyes differ day to day but the left one always aches

what do you think about say looking at the computer for too long, is it like normal eyes you can get eyestrain, and maybe you lose some of the other sight you had at different distances as you brain thinks you just want to use the computer all the time?

same if you were into tv all the time?

or reading all the tiem?

what do you think about this?

bye for now



I am thinking of having the same as you had. What is everything like now a few months on




well I am not totally unhappy with the outcome as i can type away at the computer, i dont have to wear glasses but my eyes are different since

let me try and explain

1. now they seem to get tired more easily
2. they are not so good in dim light, things are more blurry, in day light it is much better more like normal sight
3. if you drive a lot then if you have glare afterwards, night time, then this might not be good for you

I an 49, so not old for this, so you can say i was fit and healthy beforehand

Distance is good but not as good as i would have liked, i cant see into the very far distance, but can drive, good enough for that but not chrystal sharp in the distance like i had hoped for

but without glasses and thats good

if i am tired my eyes seem to blur more and they never did this when i had my normal eyes

so hope this helps