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I am wanting to ask anyone who may have had this done if there is a decent difference between a silicone elastomer testicle implant and a saline-filled testicle implant. The silicone elastomer to me feels very hard and is a bit annoying even when drying myself, I think it is something I would still be worried about when other people are concerned. Is it worth looking into changing the implant, does it feel different/better and are you generally more happy with the saline-filles as opposed to the silicone elastomer. Or is there an even more realistic implant out there or in the making? All people want is something to feel the same and be unnoticeable, I'm surprised something better hasn't been invented.


The saline filled have hard tip (the fill site) like a divit. Just had mine replaced with the cohesive gel type (not available in the US- by Mentor/Coloplast Canada) in Montreal by a plastic surgeon.  total cost under 3K.  It costs $500 just to say hi to a Urologist. . After comparing samples I know the Mentor gel is softer than other elastomer implants currently available in the US.  These are not approved for the US and the FDA study to get them approved was canceled.  So I want to to Canada last week for a Mentor cohesive gel implant.  It was easy and a huge improvement.