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Considering breast implants and have seen two surgeons. One claims that with silicone once again legal that he can avoid having to put implant under the muscle. Apparently, that's how the procedure is preformed in Europe and the only reason to go under was, for some reason, the saline implants sometimes had a 'puckering' that occured above the implant. This was avoided with placing the implant under the muscle. What is the benifit to having the implant under the muscle? It's much less invasive to go above and I would prefer avoid going under if it's not necessary.



The surgeons I spoke with told me that saline implants under the muscle would be benifitial as the muscle acts as a bra. The other reason was the breast appeared more natural and not balloon like.
My best friend had saline under the muscle and she looks so natural it made me want to do it. I have not yet....but working on it.