At first it just started out with my anus itching. It was mostly at night and I couldn't help but itch it. That is when I noticed a bump about a half inch away from my anus. My boyfriend took a look at it and said it looked like a pimple. Over the next two days I became aware of a growing, irritating, pain. Today I brought a mirror to the bathroom and It looks like whatever my boyfriend thought was a pimple has largely grown in numbers. They are mostly on one side of my anus but are as far up as the bottom of my vagina. I've heard this could be hemorrhoids and I have had an ongoing problem with constipation since I was young. I've had std checkups yearly and haven't been with anyone new since, so I'm almost positive it isn't genital warts. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! I live pretty much in the middle of nowhere with no vehicle, so rides to the doctor are few and far between. Does anyone know what this is?