I am now entering the second breakout of a condition that I believe to be a symptom of liver toxicity. Trying to find out the proper natural treatment for a appropriate in depth cure.

the symptoms are

non oozing bumps on my palms, between fingers. They invariably itch, seems like evenings and mornings are the worst.

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During the first bout of this earlier this summer, I was going out of my mind trying to remedy the scenario. Upon its worst my hands and feet both had the bumps, mostly the hands were giving me itchy symptoms. I went to see a naturapathic doctor and through kineasiology, she gave me a whole host of liver detox herbal formulas, as well as herbal tinctures to knock out any parasites/microbial infections. within 3 days I had dramatic results, and have continued to take the herbs. But as of late with being busy I have not been as consistent with the herbs, and I have noticed that there are new bumps coming back.

So i have stopped drinking alcohol, curbed sugars, and been juicing beet/carrot/ginger several times to drink. Also been consistent with the herbal detox. I am worried that the symptoms are going to increase, although, nothing has been to itchy yet.

I really hope that some of these symptoms sound familiar to someone and some light might be shed on my situation.

thanks for reading this