I was diagnosed with IC last year and underwent treatment with a specialist who instilled a combination of medications into my bladder which seemed to help. I have had no flare ups since.

For the past week, however, I have been completely miserable. I was sure I had a UTI because not only was their pain upon urinating, but a lot of blood and what looked like clumps of something solid in the urine. I took my UTA medicine, a combination of Hyoscamine sulfate, methenamin, sodium phosphate and pheny salicylate. Basically it numbs the pain. I started a round of Doxycycline to knock out the infection.

So here's what is happening now. I am on FIRE. Eventually I get some relief if I do not urinate for twenty minutes or so, but I am urinating at least every half hour and the itching is, in a word, unbearable. At first I thought the Doxy gave me a yeast infection, but I've had those, and the itching is vaginal. This itching feels almost entirely in the urethra. As the tiny bits of urine pass through I nearly weep with the itching. Honestly I think I would prefer the pain.

In addition, I have extreme swelling along both sides of my vagina that appear to be cysts. That happens on occasion, but usually only on one side. I feel like I have some sort of infection from hell. I know I don't have an STD unless it's been hybernating for seventeen or so years.

Does this sound like UTI, or a really bad IC flare up? I'll be honest, if the doctor wants to cath me to put medicine in my bladder I think I'd scratch his eyes out the moment that tube touched me. Any alternatives out there?