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I have had this excruciating pain on my hip/right buttock pain that i just can't describe, I have been diagnosed with Spinal Stenosis, and Osteoarthritis and Disc Degeneration of the Spine. Well that doesn't make life easy let me tell you. My whole body feels like a truck hit it and that's how i descried the pain in my back when it first started just a week ago. I know this seems like a lot, bu me gong on 52 with this horrible pain to live with on a daily basis is hard on not only  me but my family as well. I complain on a daily basis that something always hurts, I pray to

God to stop the pains, but this is something that God can't fix for me. I have been taking the pain meds the docs have given me for the pains I suffer, but the just don't seems to work for me. I really don't want to take anymore or any stronger ones because i have to dive and go to work. I have had an MRI to see my complaints and it confirms my diagnosis. I have spasms every now and then as well and severe pains, but this one lately has been a doosie. I have not been able to sleep for the last week, the pain is in constant throbbing and when i tried to get up this morning to walk, i had a hard time doing so. My husband had to help me get up. My feet feel swollen even though they don't look like it, m hands are in constant pain, more my left one than right.


I feel like I'm at my wits end suffering, will someone else please help me!!!!!


I'm sorry for your diagnosis! First of all, stop being unhappy, though I understand it's hard given the circumstances. I was diagnosed knee OA. I was in pain almost all the time, couldn't bend my leg, couldn't climb the stairs.
My condition was qualified as degenerative arthritis. So I ran into the same forum (unfortunately I lost the link) where people were in the same situation as I was. One of the member told about the corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid injections into the joint. In addition to the knee brace and physical therapy it significantly reduced his knee pain and improved his life.

So, I asked him about the clinic where he was treated. He pointed out ARO or Advanced Regenerative Orthopedics. I had my MRI and X-ray and I send it to them by email. The review is free of charge, which was a pleasant surprise. Currently I'm having corticosteroids and hyaluronic acid shots, wear special shoes, and take Aleve. It wasn't an instant pain relief, I have to tell you. But after a couple of months of treatment I feel better. My level of pain has greatly decreased and I hope for the best in future.
You can send your MRI or X-ray to ARO and ask for their review. I almost sure they will find the way out for your back! I repeat that it's free of charge.