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I was diagnosed with spinal stenosis after leg and hip pain. An X-ray was taken and I went to Physical Therapy. The doctor never gave me results of the X-ray but the Therapist got a print-out that said "severe degenerative changes are seen at L5-S1 level. There is no fracture, subluxation, or bone destruction"

I asked the therapist if this meant the disk. The Therapist said "no, If it was the report would have said so"

I wonder if the Therapist was correct, and if not disk, what does it mean? (I have trouble communicating with the HMO doctor)


Well I can certainly tell you that I had the surgery myself in May of 2005. I was flat on my back in bed for 4 months. It wasn't a pleasant thing to go through. However I did after that have almost 3 great years of normal, no pain, nothing. Read the entry I just made in hear last week under Valm/back pain. I have an appt in 2 weeks and am sure I am looking at a second bout with surgery. It sucks to be 46 years young and feel 86 years old!!!