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It started a few months (4 months?) back. I've been feeling pain right below my rib cage really often. At least 4 times a week. It usually happened after a meal. I'm fine before meals. Even sometimes when I skip a meal, I don't feel the pain. I searched up symptoms of Helicobacter pylori and it mentioned blackish stools. But I don't have that.

Could it be stomach ulcer?

I've been feeling light headed since 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure if this has anything to to with the pain.


Hi, just want to make you aware that finding out the source of the pain in and around abdominal area could be very difficult to pin-point. I had similar pain since 2007 and spend countless of hours visiting Doctors and Specialist with no one really finding any solution or figuring out what was causing my pain. It wasn't into recently, that my Gastroenterologist ordered a gallbladder ultrasound and a Hida-Scan that we were able to pin-point the cause of my pain. Long story short, I was diagnose with gallbladder dyskinesia. I also had polyps inside my gallbladder. I had surgery to remove my gallbladder and the pain has been resolved. Hope this helps.