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My daughter started having stomach pain in Nov. 2008. She also had dizziness, headaches, loss of appetite. The stomach pain was the worst. She often felt like someone was stabbing her with a knife and once she said it felt like someone was punching her with a fist over and over again. We had an upper GI taken and they saw one episode of GERD (reflux) so because it was only one, the family dr. discounted it although she often had reflux after eating. She was put to sleep with anesthesia and the gastroenterologist scoped her stomach but saw no ulcers and no nodules which would indicate H. Pylori. When he examined her two weeks after the scope procedure and she was still sore to the touch he went ahead and treated her anyway with a ton of antibiotics for H. Pylori since he couldn't explain the pain. He also put her on an additional acid blocker since all the other medicines she was taking did not stop the pain and he ordered an ultrasound to check her gallbladder. The ultrasound showed no abnormalities (Thank God). Yesterday, although I was relieved that she would not have to have surgery for gallbladder removal, I was desperate to find the cause of her pain and I ended up finding a site called Hiatal Hernia: An overlooked cause of Disease by Steven H. Horne. He listed my daughters symptoms almost to a T except she has not had diarrhea or constipation (thank goodness). I immediately took her to the chiropractor and he manipulated the stomach and brought the hernia down by hand. She is 89% better and ate a full meal last night and this morning for the first time in over a year. The pain in her facial expresssion is gone. Hallalujah! She is a little sore in one spot and that is most likely where the Ileocecal valve is swollen and irritated.

The American Digestive Disease Society has estimated that nearly half of all adults have a hiatal hernia. It occurs more often in women than in men and it affedts people of all ages, highly prevalent in people over 50 and highly likely in people over 65. If you or someone you know is suffering with stomach pain, go to a trained massage therapist or a chiropractor who can treat you. Read the site that I have mentioned and God Bless you.


My 15 y.o. daughter is still pain free today 5 days after the chiropractor fixed the hiatal hernia. Yay! Yay! and Yay! Awesome!