I been itching, and tingly around my vagina for 5 weeks already. After a week I went to doctor n he prescribed me medicine for yeast infection n vaginal infection without really even looking at me. I had looked up symptoms online n it came up herpes n I asked the doctor he said no bc I didnt have any sores or anything..ok, so 5 weeks later, which is today I went to restroom n seen on my right outer lip, a couple small bumps n when I touched them some clear fluid came out. It almost looks like a skin burn I guess..my question is can this be herpes bc I thought the lesions come out within days of the itchiness. I also had gained weight over the last year or do, n the area where ur panties rub has been very moist n sweaty lately..I dont know if I have a vaginal infection n maybe this caused some sores. My bf n I been together over 2 years. This is driving me crazy first time I dealt with this. Funny thing is that the itching isnt as bad now as it was the first couple weeks, so I am confused. Has anybody have this happen to them, can this be herpes? Please help