Hey ladies I’m new to this sight but I’m so curious and need answers. If anyone has been in a similar situation please reply to my comment I’m desperate for answers! My last period was 57 days ago I’ve NEVER missed a period I’ve been late 2 3 Days the most. My last period was November 12,2017 and I was suppose to get my period December 10,2017 and didn’t ive taken 3 hpt all 3 came back negative and 2 at a clinic which both came back negative. Me and my boyfriend did have unprotected sex 2 3 Days Before my period was due in December I remember cramping really UGLY before I was suppose to get my period and didn’t now it’s January 8th 2018 and I’m a day late going on 2 Days late I was suppose to get my period January 7th and didn’t get it I need help ladies please help me !!