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I had sex with this guy Dec 31. Condom was used. I got my period Jan 9, and had it until the 13th. Normal cycle for me. I haven't had my period since. I have taken 3 pregnancy tests, and they have all come back negative even though I'm passed when I was supposed to get my period. My question is, if I were pregnant, would my period have come on the 9th? I just need some answers.


Sorry need a little more information.....Was the period you got on the 9th normal? Have you had any unprotected sex or any accidents durning sex since your last period? Have you started any new medications, birth control, changed birth control? Do you normally have regular periods? Are you taking the pregnancy test correctly? You have to take them in the morning with your first urine of the day after waking up to get them to read correctly. Also have you had any symptoms of pregnancy? Have you been having any health problems lately?