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Im 14 years old. Im 5'6. I weigh 157lbs. Im a very sensitive girl and when people make fun of me because of my weight it just ruins my day. Im about to start high school in September and i dont know what my high school experience will be like the way i look. When I was 13 I even tried being bulimic. Im not anymore. I have a very busy schedule everyday, i get home at 7pm and leave at 6:50am. I walk ten minutes to get to the train to get to school. I am trying school sports ( Im in softball). I just cant seem to loose the weight, any tips? Please Help.


If you have a phone try the app called "lose it" tracks food calories, how much you burn from working out, can lose 2lbs a week if you stick to the limit of calories it gives you. eat same portions. and jillian micheals 30day shred, $10 at walmart, do early before school, m-f for 30 days and you will definitely get where you want to be fast.... but you have to stay active after so try jillians yoga after and you wont have to do that everyday!! good luck!!