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Hi, i am Bryanna i am 14 years old and months away from going to high school. I am usally around 210-215lbs and only 5'6 or so. Honestly my mom doesnt buy nutritional food and i am going to start running at night but that is the only excercise i get other then gym. seeing that i am young im not allowed to use diet pills i am trying anything i can to lose weight. I have tryed starving myself but i can never last more than half a day, and also i know that is very unhealthy for me.......So does anyone know how i can lose weight healthy without diet pills,gym membership,or basically having to buy anything??? I am in major need of help.....


do not starve yourself. you will only slow down your metabolism and keep your excess fats instead of burning them.

the key is proper nutrition.

get a healthy breakfast to start your day...everyday. healthy breakfast should be full of essential nutrients for the body after the "fast".

eat 7 to 9 servings of colorful variety of fruits and vegetables a day starting "now".

drink 8-10 glasses of water per day.

health meal
= about 30% protein. about 20% to 30% fats, and about 40% to 50% carbs + sufficient micronutrients + water.
= sufficient calories to support daily activities

8 to 10 glasses of water per day, depending on built/weight and activity.

eat enough fiber per day, basically from fruits, veggies, complex carbs, and/or fiber-rich food supplements.

cut down on your consumption of simple carbohydrates / sugars like white rice, pasta, donuts, pizza, and sodas.

exercise regularly, also for cardiovascular / heart, muscle, and bone health.

sleep about 8 hours a day. those who sleep less than 7 hours have great risk of gaining weight.

take sufficient omega-3 for intestinal health and cellular health.

avoid alcohol. the body converts alcohol into body fats.

take food supplements to ensure you give your body enough nutrients per day.

you need to eat 500 calories less than your resting metabolic rate (RMR). your RMR changes as your lose weight. just keep eating 500 calories less until you reach your weight target.


Bryanna I have a question how much does your mom weight?? and also how old is she??

You have to eat at least five times a day (nutrional food)

Wich do you like more fruits or vegetables??

Do you like to walk??

I can help you with a nutrional program if your mom don't buy fruits or vegetables we can mix other things don't worry you have to be with o lot of energy ok.