I had an IUD put in Sept 2005 for excessive pain during my periods. So, I have not had a period since then. In January I was having a lot of pain like I was going to get my period. I passed some bright red blood one day for just a minute and it quit. It turns out that I had a cyst to burst on my left ovary. My Dr. also thinks that I may have some endometreosis. So, my Dr. put me on birth control pills as well as the IUD to see if that helped with the cyst. Since then I have been to the emergency room because of pain and had the IUD taken out. I was already on Yaz and had been since January. Anyway, this week was supposed to be my first period since Sept 2005. I hurt for 4 or 5 days but never had a period. I was wandering if this was normal after having the IUD taken out. I was just a little concerned. Thank you.