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I have a friend who has a major problem with his L5 vert. He suspects
surgery will be necessary...........and is having problems getting a straight answer from his doctors

2 questions for anyone who cares to help............

What is the cost for this surgery........My friend has no insurance??

What were your results.??

I know surgery varies from case to case, but just being able to talk to someone who has had SIMILAR problems will help.......

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I had surgery 4 weeks ago and feel fantastic!!!! I had no disk left at L-5, S-1 so they did fusion and a cage with bone chips. I tried everything else before surgery from disk decompression, acupuncture, chiropractors, physical therapy, etc. nothing else worked. With the right surgeon I think this surgery is totally successful. Cant tell you much about the cost yet. I havent received the bill.


I had a L5 S1 fusion four months ago with a cage. I can finally sit in a car or go out to eat. Am walking 2 miles a day and don't need any more painkillers.
There is some stiffness, but that's a small price to pay to eliminate the debilitating pain. I had no choice, when the pain is so bad you can't function it sort of takes the indecision out of the equation. Had a great surgeon and good insurance. The overall cost for surgeons, hospital and back braces came to about 150,000.00 The titanium screws they use are about 7000 a shot. Had surgery in the Metro NYC area so maybe the cost is a little high, but I can't imagine this surgery for under 100K. You want the best Dr. you can get, definitely not the time to search for a bargain. My insurance picked up just about the entire tab.