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Lactate is producing milk from the breast.
Does milk sucretion only happens when pregnant?



My wife and I have not had children (Yet), I am 31 she is 27 and a Nurse. Her best friend which she works with had an ANR or known as Adult Nursing Relationship with a gentleman.


So my wife & I got curious, most of my male friends that have kids loved tasting their wife's milk when they were pregnant and said their wife's really liked it also. My wife's best friend gave us litature and web sites on Adult Breast Feeding.


I admit we got into it, because till them I didn't know a woman could Lactate if not pregnant. We practiced everything we learned, the proper way to massage the breast's, the continued soft suckling of the nipples with the time intervals recommended and got a breast bump for when I wasn't around, and we were lucky to have some help.


When I had to go out of town for a few days her best friend would do the breast massage techniquces for me and since she was so close to all this there was a couple times she would come over and massage one breast while I massaged the other so there was fun with this also because it does became some work. Even for my wife.


Anyway, after almost 5 weeks she finally started lactating. Once that started it got easy, breast pump not needed anymore and it has been 10 months. But the litature says you have to keep up the proper massages and suckling.


At first there wasn't a whole lot of milk but after about 2-3 week's more was being produced and her breast's did get bigger and she say's nipples more sensitive.


We have fun with it now, I can suckle to get the milk and sometimes she likes to lean over me and squezze her breast to squirt in my mouth. One breast does produce more than the other.


We let our Dr. know what we were doing as soon as she started lactating and all check up's and everything has been fine.


We are both very pleased we found this. My wife even jokes with me that we may not need children, she has her hands full with one.


Hope that helps




Hello I am trying to start lactation and was wondering if there is any link on breast massages that you and your wife used, that I could possibly use to start helping me lactate as well?

Sadly my boyfriend isn't here at the moment, but when I go see him in summer I want to have my breast full of milk just for him.

Any advice?
Please and Thank you! :)