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Me and my roommate share a room but we have separate beds. She has a 4 month old baby. She adopted her 4 week ago. My roommate stimulated her breast a lot to cause to them to lactate. Sometimes when she done she lets me suck on her nipples because I love the taste of breast milk. Usually when her boy friend comes to our to go that sweet taste of breast. Sometimes we like to open our mouths and she squirts the milk into our mouths. Sometimes we even play some games like who can make breasts squirt the farthest or who can make her breasts fill the glass fastest. Its a lot of fun but the both of us are having some troubles. My problem is that I want to lactate to but when try using the breast pump I felt this weird sensation.  It felt like when your foot gose asleep. I noticed that there was this yellow fluid in the bottle. I quickly ran to the bathroom, tooked the breast pumps off and squeezed my nipples and this fluid squirted out for ten seconds every time I squeeze it and ever since I pumped them they usually squirt out the fluid 4 times a day without me squeezing them. Staining my all my bras and usually when take my bra off the fluid shoots out all over the mirror. My roommates problem is that her left breast is producing this green stuff instead of milk.  It started when she complaining about her left breast being sore because I don't suck on that one as much because it dose not produce as much as the other one. So sucked on it and this foul taste came in my mouth. This taste unlike sweet taste of breast milk this taste tasted like barf and I almost thre up. I squeezed her nipple and this green stuff came. It was sticky and it had this foul odour. If you have any ideas please tell us.


Hi there

Breastmilk can be thin and watery looking, and may have a blue or yellow tint to it. It can even take on a hint of green, orange or other color if mother has been eating lots of green foods, or other colored foods, especially those with dye, such as green Gatorade. The color of the milk is usually not anything to be concerned about however it’s always good to check with a breastfeeding professional to be sure.

Sometimes Expressed breastmilk will separate when stored in refrigerator. This can be a real shock to anyone who is not aware that this is normal. Sometimes there is a thick later of “cream” or fat on top, other times a thin layer. Sometimes the milk looks lumpy, or clumpy, and sometimes it can be nearly clear toward the bottom of the bottle. All of the above are completely normal occurrences, and does not mean the milk has spoiled.

Spoiled milk has a distinct sour smell. Check on your diet and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Good luck