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Hi, I'm a type 2 and was diagnosed almost a year ago. I'm having trouble managing my sugar. High blood glucose still! Does it take time? How long does it take on the average to get sugar levels in a healthy range? Seems to me, I should already have this under control. I do my exercises every day but I'm just not able to get there. Is there something else I should do? I often have to eat on the run when I'm working and don't have many options of what I can get and I know that makes it difficult. Is there a way around this problem. Anything you could share with me would be appreciated. Thanks.




Hello, I have type 2 as well and I had problems with high blood glucose levels for well over a year. By chatting with people on this forum I found that it is best to eat small meals more often. That's how I got control. I took more measurements than I did before and I got to see have certain foods affect my sugar levels more than others. That was the thing. I also found that I needed to mix my proteins, fats and carbs better. I wasn't putting enough protein and fat in my diet to combat the carbs. Taking in more protein and good fats each time causes your digestion to slow down and the carbs are absorbed at a much slower rate. That made my BG go way down. Also eating small meals more often kept my BG fairly constant. I didn't have a problem with hypos. Hypos were a real problem for me in the beginning. I had to take sugar pills to keep me going. I really don't have to do that now which is wonderful. I didn't really enjoy taking sugar pills. I did learn about Jelly Babies though. It was nice having some flavor with that sugar but I don't need them any more.