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Hello everyone, I'm interested in information about very low carb diet and BG levels. I was wondering if a very low carb diet really lowers and stabilizes blood glucose levels. I've heard that it does but I also hear that in some cases it doesn't. I suppose it all depends on what you mean by very low carb and any exercise you do. I was thinking that a very low carb diet could create create sugar swings to some extent depending on insulin present and insulin sensitivity. These things have a way tricking the body into doing something unexpected. Anyone have any say about this. Thanks.


It is true that a very low carb diet can lower and stabilize blood glucose levels. A very low carb diet refers to 40 grams or less of carbs per day. The Bernstein diet works off of 30 carbs per day and works like a champ. By going to a very low carb diet (in my case a Bernstein diet, 30g carbs per day), I went from a weekly average of 12mmol/L to an average of 6.5 which I was very pleased. Interestingly, I was taking 22 IU Lantus before and Novorapid which varied. Now during the week I take no insulin but on the weekends I sometimes take 2 to 4 IU.


Currently, I exercise everyday doing mixtures of weights and cardio for one hour. My previous diet was really high in carbs (150 g daily) which was low in fats. Now my carbs come only from veggies and I have a higher fat intake. My sugar levels are stable and lower and I feel a whole lot better. I don't have hypos anymore as I don't need insulin and I don't have hypers either. So I have very low carbs and a of of exercise which makes me stable. I have lost 5 pounds but I really don't need to lose weight but I think this will stabilize shortly.