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Hello all, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes over a year ago. Initially my doctor had me do BG tests twice a day and that was in the morning and before I went to bed. At the time I was really prediabetic. Since then I've been put on insulin and my BG levels are erratic and sometimes go very high. I was wondering about the importance of pre and post meal blood glucose testing. Seems to me if I had done that I would have gotten my BG levels under control and I wouldn't need insulin now. Can anyone advise? Thanks.


Hi, Testing your BG is an important part of managing your diabetes successfully. It is very important to test your BG before and after meals so you get a good picture of how the foods your are eating affect your sugar levels. This way you know what foods to eat and how much which will give you tighter control. But, you need to measure your BG levels more than just pre and post meals to really get a complete picture of what is going on. Some foods can cause spiking long after you've eaten them and in some cases 4 to 7 hours later. The only way you can know this is to test often. That way, you can adjust your diet accordingly early on. In your case, it seems like you should have done more than two tests a day. There's no way you could know what your BG levels were for the rest of the day and believe me BG can change drastically. Clearly your BG levels were not under control but you had no way to know that and now you are having to use insulin. Ideally, you should test before and after every meal and in between that until you get your BG under control and get the best possible diet you can to maintain control. You'll also need to test around your exercise times. BGs can fluctuate wildly there as well. I wish the best for you and let your doctor know you want to test more.