I really need some help here. I am very concerned about the 6 cm kidney cyst in my right kidney. The radiologists are classifying it as a BOSNIAK 2F now. It was rated as a 2 last year. I am worried that this thing maybe cancerous due to the fact that my mother passed away with kidney cancer in 1984. Hers was so bad that by the time they found the tumor on her kidney, it was the size of a grapefruit and it had already metastasized to her brain. My cyst is already starting to show signs of becoming a solid mass because the there is a septum that is starting to form inside of it. Is it true that cysts can be cancerous? Also, is it true that a cyst that is classified under the BOSNIAK system as a 2f considered to be have 30% cancerous result? I hope this is not true. My doctors are just wanting to watch and see if the cyst gets any larger and the septum becomes more pronounced. I currently do not have health insurance until October of this year when I will have the HUMANA MEDICARE ADVANTAGE Plan. I am only able to go to the state hospital for lab work or scans for now. The most recent scan was MAY of this year. I am worried that the waiting game is going to prove to be more damaging. I will be able to see a NEPHROLOGIST in October but I need some help with my questions now. I would appreciate any and all responses.