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I would like to ask Dr Sunil Waghmare if it is possible to treat my father who is 70 years old and is on capd for the past two years with stem cell therapy. He is right now doing capd four times a day and his creatinine levels were recently seen to be twelve. He is diabetic for the past twenty years and is a hypertensive. We are hopeful after seeing a testimony of a patient from bangalore and hence this mail. Kindly reply to this mail. thanking you.


Currently there is not enough research to be able to do this. Read this on Stem Cell Therapy if you want but it doesn't have any thing directly related to kidney disease:

CAPD (I was on it for 4 years myself) will keep him alive just find but he needs to watch his fluids as without kidneys you don't make urine so that means the fluid just stays in the body. The dialysis (Peritoneal Dialysis as he is on) removes the fluid and toxins just like Hemo Dialysis but internally and without needles. It is the type of dialysis that is easier on the body actually. However he has to watch that the catheter does not get contaminated because you don't ever want him to get Peritonitis (infection of the Peritoneal Cavity). My Nephrologist told me not to worry so much about Creatinine once on dialysis because it will keep it stable but not bring it down to normal levels like a kidney transplant will. How come he can't go on the list for a kidney transplant? Is it his age? What about a living donor? Also transplant medications can raise blood sugars but lowers blood pressure. There are good and bad but sorry about no stem cell therapy news for you.