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Hello, I am a 19-yr old boy who was diagnosed with a kidney disorder 2 yrs ago. I was diagnosed with severe proteinuria, in the beginning it was around 8000 mg/day now it is around 2000-3000 mg/day which is still a lot. I also did a kidney biopsy which came out to be that I have hylanosis in the kidneys and segemental glomerular sclerosis in 70% of the appeared glomeruli. However, they were no immune-mediated complexes in the tissue sample. My nephrologist told me that my disorder resulted from my hypertension which was at its highest 130/80 so he put me mainly on blood pressure medication. But recently I have been looking up information about my diseases and the prognosis seems very grim. As a result, I was wondering what is generally the treatment for diseases with my symptons and is the prognosis like what they say it is because my nephrologist told me and my parents that I would eventually get better.

And I forgot to mention my GFR was always been normal every time I have checked for the past 2 yrs around 140-160, which I hope is a good sign for my disease.

Appreciate it a lot for any responses.


Massive proteinuria has no good to one's health because it alone affects the kidney health.

what's worse, serious glomerular sclerosis lead to renal failur in the long run. So I gotta say your condition is pretty serious.

May I know your condition right now? Hope everything's well.