Hi, I haven't had much luck with replies on this forum but here goes, I am 6 months post birth and have internal hemmies, 3 were banded 5 weeks ago and nothing has changed! Im still experiencing the same symptoms. They aren't painful just an inconvenience! I have one that pops out every bowel movement, it tends to pop out if I'm on my feet for too long, walking around, holding my children (3 & 6 months) even bending over and bathing them, I have had them for 6 months and it has caused depression and anxiety to say the least, I probably check them 30 times a day to see if they are gone and have cried daily for 6 months, even thou they are not painful, you would all agree it's still affecting my quality of life! I eat extremely well, fruit and veggies and drink lots of water, I've only gotten these horrid things from giving birth! My question is, if I only have one smallish internal haemorrhoid Is the procedure still as painful for someone with more and say grade 3 or 4? And do you get the swelling everyone talks about with internals or mainly from cutting out external hemmies? Majority of the posts are horror stories which scares me to death but I either take a chance and get it cut out, or live everyday with depression for having them?? :( it seems like a no win situation. Had anyone had minor hemmies and had the procedure with little pain??? Would love some replies! I'm booked in to have the procedure done on jan 7 (3 weeks) !!