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Hello! Per the subject, I am looking for advice to identify some problem and symptoms I have been experiencing the last few days. I'm 21 and a virgin, and due to sort of a sheltered life and circumstances these things were never really explained to me and hard as I try to get information and understanding on my own, I'm not always successful and am too embarrassed to ask anyone else. Last year I began getting UTIs without really understanding the cause but was able to identify the issue itself and find the info needed to recover. Presently I'm dealing with something I first expected may be another one, but now I'm not so sure.I have some sort of similar UTI symptoms of feeling that I have to pee but not going much when I try and some discomfort, but also the entire outer/vulva area is swollen and irritated. It's extremely uncomfortable and impossible to ignore, as I sit, walk, lie down, move at all really, underwear and clothing is irritating and TMI/embarrasing probably, but it looks awful. I have researched vaginal problems extensively and I just don't know which applies here.  I don't think it would feasibly be an STD. I don't think it's a yeast infection because I don't have a lot of discharge and no itchiness. I know it's more than a UTI. I considered an allergic reaction so I have eliminated fragranced soaps. I have been wearing looser fitting clothing, and sometimes it doesn't bother me as much and other times it's terrible. I know I should see a doctor but I would just like some idea of what it is now to put my mind at ease and if there is at all possible ways to treat it at home.

It's physically really bothersome and emotionally I'm becoming very depressed about it. I cry and feel humiliated and ashamed whenever I think about it and experience these symptoms, and am a worrier anyway and just am scared this won't ever subside without some serious treatment. Any help is appreciated and thank you in advance.



Guess you have researched very well on the topic you are well aware about the UTI,

Its better you the consult the doctor and start treatment as earlier as possible, So that your infection does not worsen anymore.