My last period was June 13th and me and by boyfriend had sex on June 30th I have a 28 day cycle so ovulation was on day 14 and we did it on the 30th so maybe item not pregant. Because we were very careful. We used a condom and pulled out before he came inside me. And we kept checking the condom so I know it did not break. So we are pretty sure that I'm not pregnant. Well I was supposed to get my period July 11th. It's 5 days late. I took one test (ept) 2 days after I missed it and it was negitive. So I was like yay I'm not going to be a mom yet. Then I still haven't got it. I have like some signs like frequent urination but I may possibly have a uti I'm not for sure as soon as I go pee I immediately have the urge to go again. My pee is very clear almost cloudy looking and has a different smell to it. So maybe it's that. And my boyfriends mom also said that having sex for the first time affects your cycle. That she didn't get hers for 2 weeks when her and her husband first started having sex. Like I have cramps but they are more dull and not like period cramps like I can't really tell. I had some period cramps before I was going to start and then no period. Like I know stress causes it to mess up and I'm a huge worrier and I'm stressing myself out a lot. I'm going to the doctor 2 weeks from today and also will my doctor tell my mom if I ask her to test for pregnancy. Cause I'm going for cramps and I plan on asking my mom to talk to my doctor in private so do you think my doctor will tell her? Thanks for your time if you could tell me what you think cause I'm so worried about this I can't even sleep. Thanks