Hi there. This could be a bit of a long post, so please bear with. I was with my boyfriend for the last time around 60 days ago - we didn't have sex but there is a slight possibility he had ejaculate on his fingers when he put them in me. Before this my periods came, regularly, every two to three weeks. The next day after we had fooled around I came on my period, for 7 days - but since then I haven't had one (since November). I have had sore boobs this last week, and severe cramping - but no bleeding yet. I have taken a pregnancy test around three weeks ago (which would have been six weeks after me & my boyfriend had fooled around) - and it came back negative - yet I still haven't had a period. In this time I have had glandular fever. Does anybody know what might be causing me to have missed two periods? It's now almost 8 weeks since my last period & I'm starting to get a little worried.