I have been on the pill for two months now. Prior to that I had a termination of pregnancy. I was very sick throughout it and was unable to work or barely function so it was my best option. Anyways the first month of the pill I got my period and everything was fine. Now the second month I started to feel some abdominal pain (similiar to when I was pregnant) the week before I'd start taking the inactive pill. Now its Monday and I haven't had any bleeding yet. I'm not sure if I am really late (I do the sunday start) or if I am just being overly worried after everything. There would be a low chance of being pregnant since I have barely let my boyfriend touch me lately. Shortly after feeling the pain I took a pregnancy test and it was negative. I think it was probably too early to be accurate but I am pretty nervous. So I am just wondering if this is normal and If I should be bleeding by now? I am having the cramping but nothing yet... Should I take another test in a few days if nothing happens?