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Hi all i'm new but need advice a friend of mine has had a lump on her left temple for 18months (i know she should of been docs before now but i'm so worried) It doesnt hurt her in anyway but it is solid and when she is stressed it gets bigger

If anyone has any ideas please help



HI! I reckon she should see a physician to determine what this could be. According to the physical examination, a doc may order a neurological exam that may consist of evaluation of eye movements, hearing, sensation, muscular movement; Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) to check for tumors near bones, smaller tumors, and brainstems masses. It uses a magnetic field rather than x-rays; CT scan used for detecting tumors and their types or swelling and bleeding; or a biopsy to examine a sample tissue.

Although, this could be something like dislocated jaw joint, it should be evaluated for the presence of any masses. Did she make an appointment?