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my husband got 20 years ago a hard bump on the leg never change color is painful same time but if hi dont tuchy it is ok i justwhant to know what is ? :-D


One of my boyfriends had a soft lump in his thigh. It developed and have never had it checked. As we didn’t know what it was, I made him to have it checked. When I would touch it, it would depress. It also didn’t hurt or cause any troubles.

A doctor said it was a lipoma. Lipomas are benign growths and they consist of accumulated fat under the skin. However, they can be found in organs like heart, brain, and lungs.
The doc suggested a biopsy to see what kind of lipoma it was but he thanked no. She explained to us that only large and painful lipomas and those that are esthetically unattractive should be removed. Removal can be done by incision or liposuction.

Hasn’t your husband ever have it looked at?