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Hi everyone!

I'm very concerned over my testicle, which is swollen, I'm not sure how long it's been swollen, and knowing me, being too stubborn to see a doctor, it may have been over a year, I just may have forgotten to actually do anything about it.


On Monday, I have an appointment to see my doctor, and I'll go on from there, just to put my mind at some ease, I'm wondering what this issue could be, currently the signs are just a swollen testicle;


- No pain

- No lumps

- Not "stone" hard as some websites suggest towards testicular cancer

- No discomfort


Also, about 7 or so years ago, I had a surgery for undescended testes, which the doctors said all went fine.


So far, I've read that it could be a tumor, hernia, testicular cancer, or some sort of fluid, what is the most likely case?




Hi! I've had the same problem, I've had a really hard testicle and it might even be dead. I'm really scared. Idk when I'm seeing the doctor somebody please respond :(



i am 17 and was wondering about your post. my left testical is swollen on my line right above the testical. and it doesnt really have any pain but i am having trouble urinating as well. i had hurt my penis about 3 weeks ago and it had swole up very bad,and since thenmy left testical has swole and my penis doesnt feel the same and have some discomfort. and when i get erect it would hurt and when i would ejaculate i dont think it is working right. what was the problem with yours so i could have some kind of direction i could go?