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hi my name is Robert I am 18 years old. Ive been masturbating ever since I was 10 years old. One day right after a ejaculation I noticed a pain in my left testicle. I don't have no pain in no other part of my body except the veins attached to my left testicle. It's a pain in which it bothers me to sit down so I have to be laying down or walking not to much cause then pain will reappear. Im really conserned with this issues that im having please help ? 


You might have testicular torsion where the testicle's spermatic cord twists and then it hurts and cuts down on the blood flow to the testicle. It can be more or less tight and can vary over time or untwist on its own. Guys in their teens and around puberty get this the most, but it can happen at any age.

If the twisting gets too tight, it can partially or fully stop the blood flow to the testicle. If that happens you would need emergency surgery to keep the twisted testicle from dying. Depending on how twisted it gets, it can go numb or be very painful. How tightly it twists determines how much the blood flow is cut off and how long the testicle can survive without surgery.

Self help can be to warm up your testicles to get them to relax and drop down extra low and hot in your scrotum to try to untwist the cords. Try a hot water bottle wrapped in a Tshirt applied directly to your left testicle, but don't burn yourself. Or try hot showers or wearing extra warm clothes or blankets to get your body overly hot and to get your testicles to hang loose and untwist by themselves.

You can simply look at your scrotum and testicles. Are they hanging down normal? Is the hurting testicle crooked or hanging higher than usual in your scrotum? Feel the cords going to each testicle by hand, are they the same on both testicles? Is one different than the other? Exactly where is the pain along the cords and tubes going to the testicle? Can you feel it when you sqeeze the hurting testicle? Is it numb? Testicular torsion usually makes the twisted testicle hang crooked and part way up in the scrotum on the shorter twisted testicle cords. than it normally would hang.

If it keeps hurting and won't hang low and straight like normal then go to a Dr.s office or emergency room for a check and an ultrasound to see if the blood flow is impaired in that hurting left testicle. Going numb in that testicle itself (the scrotum blood flow is in the skin, not the testicle cords) or intense pain means seek medical help right away. Waiting too long can cost you the life of a surgically removed dead testicle if the blood flow is cut off too much for too long a time with no help.