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HI all. I’m writing to you because I think that my doctor is a complete id**t. I’m 42, healthy, have usually one beer each evening, never used drugs of any kind, don't smoke, and not overweigh. Moreover, I see my doctor once every year for an annual checkup. So far, I was good appart for one thing - my penis is shrinking. It is simply not as big even when it is fully erect. So, I mentioned this to my doc, and he told me that penises don't shrink!!! He did not want to help me at all!!! I assure you that mine did. I even measured it and found out that it's about ¾ inch shorter!!! I presented those facts to my doctor and he simply told me that I measured wrong. Can you believe that??? There is no way that my measurements are wrong. After all, I’ve measured it several times – there is no chance that I’ve made such mistake every single time!!! So, my question are: Why did my penis shrink, is there anything I could do about it and, finally, why do doctors say that penises don't shrink, when they clearly do???? Thanks for all advices!!


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Man, you are not alone. I have seen this with my own eyes!!! I work in ER and several years ago as I prepared to insert a catheter into one mans’ penis I noticed how small it was. The man probably noticed that on my face and then told me that it used to be large, but that it now shriveled up noodle!!! This was very new for me so from time to time I would sometimes ask other patients if they had the same problem – I found out that this was surprisingly common amongst older men!! Also, I know of a few cases in which there has been a documented size increase and many more cases of shrinkage. I mean, that even doesn’t sound abnormal – after all, breasts shrink, the vagina shrinks, the brain shrinks, skin and bones thin, muscles atrophy, lips shrink, testicles shrink…. So, I think that it is not weird for penis to shrink with age too!!! So, doctors are wrong, but still don’t know why they do not admit it. Now, why did your penis shrink? That could result from decreased testosterone and especially dihydrotestosterone (DHT) as DHT is known to be the primary catalyst for penile growth. If the cells and molecules in your body were not broken down, you could live off sugar water. Besides DHT, other factors influence penile size like genetics, other hormones, hormone transport proteins such as (SHBG) and albumin, cadmium, zinc, antiandrogens, phytoestrogens, exogenous estrogens, endogenous estrogens, xenoestrogens, obesity, numerous drugs and chemicals, collagen, elastin, and a dozen other factors.