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I am thinking of getting a pair of cats, but I am still concerned about a couple of the practicalities. We live in an apartment and my cats would be indoor cats. What is the normal life expectancy for indoor cats, and do they need any special care that differs from cats who do go outside? What else do I need to know?


All my cats have been outdoor cats and normally around the age of 10/11 they have slowed down on going out till the fact they became house cats.

They lived until they were 21 and 23 years old, one died of lymphoma cancer and one of a stroke, both were a pair brother and sister and doted on each other. They were in no pain when they passed away and went very graciously.

Make sure u have covered in door litter tray as if they going to use it all the time some of their poos can be a bit whiffy.. James used to time his just as we were about to serve tea so we bought him a hooded one. They didnt have jabs as they didnt go outside or associate with any other cat other than ours that stayed inside.