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Hi, folks. I was thinking of getting a dog. I don’t have a backyard, so I was thinking of buying some dog that can be kept in a flat. I was thinking of poodles. What is the life expectancy of this breed of dogs? I would appreciate if someone could tell me something more. Thanks for replying to my post.


im not sure of the exact number maybe 10-12 years. i know someone with a 18 year old poodle, so im sure they live quite a while


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Sorry to be two weeks late, I don't know why I missed your post.

I don't think a Poodle is the dog to get if you don't have a place for it to R-U-N.

I mean RUN

I bought one for my wife for her birthday and we had to give it up to a Poodle rescue group because we didn't have a fenced in yard for it to run. Without being able to run to exhaustion every day he was too much for my wife to handle. She couldn't hold him back when she tried to take him for a walk.

When we took him to the people who ran the rescue service we found they had a huge fenced in back yard where they let the dogs out for "zoomies" every morning. Basically the dogs would run until they were exhausted. Then they could bring them back in the house for the day.

I was devastated over the loss of the dog. He became my best buddy during the 6 months we had him. He was the biggest lap dog I ever had and that's where he could be found whenever I was home.

We hired a dog trainer who came to the house. She was never able to leash train him either and finally she just quit coming and wouldn't return our calls.

According to the rescue people they need to run until they are exhausted and then you can take them for a walk. I wish we had known that before I bought him and we came to love him so much. They are wonderful dogs and so much fun to have around but they need LOTS of exercise.