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My husband and I have agreed to move to another country, and if everything proceeds according to the plan we have made, I expect that we will be ready to move at the end of the year. My question is about our basset hound, which my husband has had since before we met - he must be around 10 years old now, and he will not be able to come with us. What is the life expectancy for basset hounds? Should we try to find a new home for him?


Basset hounds are wonderful aren't they? I had one who passed away two summers ago, she was the most intelligent, compassionate dog I had ever had the priveledge to know. She was a certified therapy dog- helping the elderly cheer up and knew all kinds of tricks (from counting to playing dead). She loved the day care children who were around and lived a very happy life until a tumour burst.

The important thing to remember is that nobody knows when their time is up. Same for animals. I knew a guinea pig who lived until they were 15 years old (average life span is 5 years old).

I say this to discourage ending a life before their time. If an animal is still happy and is not suffering it's best to find them a new home or ask the shelter to. Bassets are the type of dogs who will be taken in really fast. They are well loved, easy to care for, and elderly also take to older dogs like this who may not need much exercise anymore. Not to mention Bassets are a pure bred, and many would love one despite the age. Please always try life before all other options.

Bassets will on average live up to 13 years sometimes longer.
Mine lived only until 12 years but I know she had so much life in her that if she did not have a tumour burst her organs she would have continued on and on. She was such a good soul.

Good luck on your journey.

ps- Is there no possibility of having the dog come along?